Sunday, 8 February 2015

Back to the future

Our fire service will shortly be changing its logo back to an updated version of its traditional eight-pointed star, on my advice. Naturally, I'm getting a bit of stick for this - so here's why I think it's a good idea.

First, it's an invest-to-save. The updated logo is costing us £640 and will be implemented on a replacement basis - so existing stock using the current logo will be used up first, not thrown away. The new design will also have a two-colour version that will be used on our printed materials, instead of the current six-colour one. Our printers have told us we will save £50 just on one order of letterheaded paper, so I think we'll make the £640 back on the first order of new community safety leaflets.

More importantly, I just think it's the right thing to do for us to re-adopt the eight-pointed star that is so synonymous with the Fire Service. The current logo had already been approved when I came into the Service eight years ago, and its implementation was the first job given to me upon arrival. Everyone I've spoken to about it believes it was the wrong decision and I agree. The current logo looks like a dull school badge. It definitely doesn't look like a proud Fire Service one, like the eight-pointed star does. I know that's a view particularly held among our operational staff.

I've wanted to change back for years but then austerity came and it never seemed the right time. I realise I may be criticised for doing it now but sometimes you just have to go back to your values and do what you think is the right thing, even though others may disagree. It will save us money and reconnect us with a past we should never have abandoned. I'm prepared to stick my neck out for that.

*If you're interested in the fire service eight-pointed star and what it stands for,


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